Lotus House is the quality guest house of Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling. For the past fifteen years it has enabled the Gonpa to fulfill one of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoches aspirations for the sangha by providing comfortable accommodations for personal retreats. The rooms have also been used extensively during large group retreats, as well as for staff housing at various times. 

Over the years, all the posts and beams supporting the porch began to lose their integrity, which affected the tile floor of the porch. As well, the wraparound railing and staircase had become quite dilapidated.

With the financial support of the sangha and the efforts of volunteers, a restoration project was launched in the spring of this year. As of now, all the posts and beams have been replaced and painted, a newly designed railing was built and installed, and the damaged tile flooring was replaced.  

New railing, repaired tiles, and new paint!

The final phase is to replace the deteriorated stairs, which will include a new sitting area for guests and retreatants, as there is currently no communal area for people to gather.

The cost of the entire renovation will be $75,000. Through the generosity of several donors, we have already raised over $55,000.

We need $20,000 to finish this project.

With your help, we will be able to complete this project in the spring of 2018.

Final design for the Lotus House stairs, including a new sitting area.

By offering your financial support, you are making an investment in the future of the Dharma. The virtue of any contribution you make to maintaining Lotus House, especially to this vital project, will continue to increase and flourish. This is due to both the support it provides to the practitioners staying in those rooms who are cultivating the altruistic intention to accomplish enlightenment for the sake of all beings, and to the wholesome connection you make to the enlightened intent of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoches aspirations. 


"I can say that my experience there has allowed me the peace and tranquility for enhancing my meditation and study. The opportunity for solitary time in a supporting community has been especially useful.. For me the gonpa has truly been a very special and blessed environment."

- Ann

"It’s hard to state how important Lotus House has been to me as a practitioner. I’ve done several retreats there over the years and always feel myself settling into a sense of ease, of being home, as soon as I arrive. Leaving at the end of a Lotus House retreat is always a little bittersweet; sweet because my mind and my heart feel relaxed and open, bitter because I have to leave that lovely refuge behind. I like to think I can carry a little of it with me, but it is a great solace knowing I can always return when I want to."

- Cary

Donor Levels*

$5,000 & up: Padma Donor

$2,000-$4,999: Ratna Donor

$1,000-$1,999: Buddha Donor

$500-$999: Karma Donor

$100-$500: Vajra Donor

$100 or under: Bodhisattva Donor

*all donations are 100% tax-deductible

Help us reach our goal!

Collected: $70,931.10
Goal: $75,000.00